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Maerten Slabbert
Floris Slabbert 1
farmer (1716) 2
of Contermans Kloof, Tijgersberg 3
born 1656
baptized 7 October 1656, Aagtekerke, Zeeland 4
died circa 1732, (possibly - based on Inventory receipt) 5
will dated 21 October 1716 6
and filed 4 November 1730
The children are given here in the order which seems logical. We lack baptismal
information only for Johanna and Jasper, but Johanna was married on 2nd April
1702 at Stellenbosch, and Jasper's first child was baptised 30th July 1713, so
that placing them second and third seems reasonable.

The Slabbert family travelled out from Vlissingen in Zeeland to the Cape on the
ship the 'Sion' which left Wielingen (the roadstead south of Vlissingen) on route
to Ceylon on 19th May 1699, arriving at Cape Town on 27th October 1699 (notes).

They are noted in the membership register of the church at Stellenbosch, the
date being probably between 1698 and June 1700, and then on the 24th Dec.
1704, Floris presented his 'attestaat' to the church at Cape Town.

On 30th March 1713, in reply to a letter from his brother, Pieter Slabber, Floris
wrote to his brothers still living in Westkapelle, Walcheren, to say that, in the
event of the death of his father-in-law that anything due to him and his wife,
they gave to his brother Jeremias Slabbert.

When he made his will in October 1716 he was described as confined to bed
with a broken leg.

The document I have referred to as the Estate Accounts of Floris Slabbert is a
single page filed among the Estate Inventories of 1727-1731, but it is not an
inventory, rather a receipt of payment signed by the heirs, and no date is
preserved. (MOOC 8/5,64)

married 15 April 1684 at Aagtekerke, Zeeland 7

Huijbregtje Jasperz
died before 1730




1691 -


1696 -

1698 -

1701 -


children of Floris and Huijbregtje Slabbert

Neeltje Slabbert born 1685
born 1685, Meliskerke
baptized 29 April 1685, Meliskerke, Walcheren, Zeeland
 married 21 November 1700 Cape Town

Robbert Robbertsz Brand died before 1730
quartermaster in the employ of the Dutch East India Company (1699)

Jannetje Slabbert 8
born Zeeland 9

Notes: no baptism found

 married 2 April 1702 Stellenbosch 11

Pieter Andries Sax 10 died before 1727

Jasper Slabbert died before 1764
born Middelburg 12
died before 1764 13

Notes: In 1745 he petitioned the Council of Policy for the freehold
of the cattle farm which he currently held on loan, called
'Thee Fontein', near the Uylekraal, towards Swartland.

(from: H.C.V.Leibbrandt, Precis of the Archives of the
Cape of Good Hope: Requesten (Memorials) volume 3, page

The inventory, dated September 1764, drawn up
after the death of Pieter Slabbert, his brother, names him
as the late Jasper Slabbert, and give his surviving heirs as
his children Maarten Slabbert, Johannes Slabbert, Maria
Slabbert the wife of Theunis Scalkwijk and the children of
his daughter Huijbregtje Slabbert, deceased wife of Gerrit
Cloete Jacobsz:

 married 26 June 1712 Cape Town 15

Johanna Meijburg 14
born circa 1693, at the Cape 16

Lijsbeth Slabbert 1691-circa 1771
born 1691, Middelburg, Zeeland
baptized 15 April 1691, Meliskerke, Walcheren, Zeeland
died circa October 1771
 married 3 March 1709 Cape Town

Jacobus Smit 17 born circa 1693
of Uylekraal, Swartland

Maerten Slabbert born 1694
born 1694 18
baptized 24 October 1694, Meliskerke 19

Notes: He presumably died before the birth of his brother
also named Maarten who was baptised July 22, 1696 at Meliskerke.

Maerten Slabbert 1696-circa 1713
born 1696 20
baptized 22 July 1696, Meliskerke 21
died circa 1713
buried 1713, Stellenbosch 22

Notes: There is no mention of him in the Distribution Receipt
of the estate of the deceased Floris Slabbert, but there is a
record of burial fees having been paid for a Maarten Slabbert
to the Stellenbosch Congregation in 1713, the year that many
people died at the Cape during the smallpox epidemic.

(MOOC 8/5, 64 - no date, but filed with other inventories of 1727-31)
(Verlore Dokumentasie oor die Gemeente Stellenbosch van 1689 tot 1725,
by Ockert Malan, in Capensis ... )

Maatje Slabbert 1698-1774
born 1698, Meliskerke
baptized 11 April 1698, Meliskerke
died 22 October 1774, Cape Town
 married 14 March 1717 Cape Town

Johannes Visser 23 1689-circa 1752

Pieter Slabbert 1701-1764
born 1701, Cape Town 24
baptized 21 August 1701, Cape Town 25
died 30 May 1764, Swartland 26

Notes: He made his profession of belief to become a member of the Cape
Town NG Church on 23 November 1722, and his witness was his
father, Floris Slabbert.

He was one of the witnesses to the will of Elisabeth Slabbert and
Jacobus Smit on 13th August 1730.

He would appear to have left no children since his estate was
divided up amongst his brothers and sisters.

Gideon Slabbert born 1706
born 1706, Cape Town 27
baptized 31 January 1706, Cape Town 28

Notes: He made his profession of belief to become a member of the Cape
Town NG Church on 1 November 1723, with Floris Slabbert, his
father, as his witness.

 married 7 March 1728 Drakenstein 29

Francina Carstens died circa 1745

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