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Roelof Adriaensz van Wijk
circa 1640-before 1699
Trijntje Jans
born circa 1637
Arie van Wijk 1
farmer (1713) 2
of Stellenbosch 3
born circa 1668, Amsterdam 4
baptized 18 January 1668, Nieuwe Kerk, Amsterdam 5
died circa 1713
buried circa 1713, Stellenbosch 6
will dated 29 April 1713
In his will, dated 1713, he is described as having been born in
Amsterdam and being 45 years old. In the Nieuwe Kerk in
Amsterdam is recorded the baptism of 'Adrian, son of Roelof
Adriaensz van Wijk and Trijntje Jans, 18th January 1668.
(Amsterdam information kindly supplied by Bob Kernkamp).

Since Roelof van Wijk and Trijntje Jans also lived at the Cape,
I think we can safely assume that this baptism is his.

On 21st September 1688 he was granted permission to move from the
Cape to Drakenstein (1 STB 15/2).

Also in his will he is desribed as 'sick, confined to bed'. One
can speculate that in this year of Smallpox plague that this is
what he was suffering from - certainly he died in the same year.

For a general discussion of the early Van Wijks see my notes.

married  7

( On the 22nd October 1693 the Weeskamer noted that
she was proposing to marry again: ' de nagelaatene
wed' van Jan Van den bosch salg. Staat om in den
Egten staat te treeden' )

Cornelia Helmes
circa 1676-1720

1694 -

1696 -

1698 -


1701 -

c1704 -

1707 -


b. c1712

children of Arie van Wijk and Cornelia Helmes

Roelof van Wijk 1694-circa 1746
born 1694
baptized 5 September 1694, Cape Town
died circa 1746, (inventory date)
 married 28 September 1727 Stellenbosch

Aletta Bezuijdenhout

Aletta van Wijk 1696-before 1771
born 1696
baptized 15 July 1696, Cape Town
died before 1771

Johann Kraaij 8

Willem van Wijk d'oude 1698-1771
farmer 9
of Duijvenhoks Rivier 10
born 1698 11
baptized 19 January 1698, Stellenbosch 12
died 1771 13

Notes: According to his Deceased Estate Accounts, starting
November 1771, he left no wife or children at the time of his death
and his estate was distributed among his brothers and sisters.

Sara van Wijk born 1699
born 1699 14
baptized 29 November 1699, Stellenbosch 15

Isaak D'Algue 16 died 1759
died 6 April 1759, on board the 'Wunsch' at the Cape 17

Notes: Although known as Isaq d'Algue, it appears
that his real name was Johannes Augustus Dreyer.
The following note is posted into the Cape Death
Notifications (Cape Archives) on page 10 where his
death is recorded:

Vide wills of the Orphan Chamber vol 11 no 29 of 1795
Will of Isak Dalque (died 6.4.1759) and Sara van Wijk
whereinb he states his proper name was Johannes Augustus
Dreyer (CGB).

Adriaan van Wijk 1701-before 1771
born 1701
baptized 25 December 1701, Stellenbosch
died before 1771

Sara Fourie 18 died circa 1771
of De Duijvenhoks Rivier

Maria van Wijk circa 1704-circa 1744
born circa 1704
died circa 1744, (assumed from date of Inventory)
 married (1) 22 June 1727 Drakenstein

Jan Joubert 19
 married (2) 29 November 1739 Drakenstein

Jan Conraad Striegel 20 died 1778
soldier (between 1739 and 1745)

Gerrit van Wijk 1707-circa 1708
born 1707 21
baptized 14 December 1707, Stellenbosch 22
died circa August 1708
buried before 12 August 1708, Stellenbosch 23

Notes: Not mentioned in his parent's will
of 1713, so presumably died before that date.

The entry in the General Cash accounts of the Stellenbosch
Congregation for 12 Aug 1708 lists three guilders collected
for the burial of a child of Arij van Wijk. Gerrit seems the most
likely candidate. (1/STB 12, 15-18)

Catarina van Wijk born 1710
born 1710 24
baptized 20 July 1710, Stellenbosch 25

Notes: Cape Town baptisms, 10 March 1726
Cornelis onegt, Ouders: de zoo gezegde vader is Matthijs Gunter
van Gerrolis en moeder Katharina van Wijk, Getuige: de moeder zelve


Hendrik Lubbe 26 died before 1771
died before 1771 27

Hester van Wijk born circa 1712
born circa October 1712 28
baptized 3 October 1712, Stellenbosch 29

Pieter van Zijl 30

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