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Roelof Adriaensz van Wijk
circa 1640-before 1699
Trijntje Jans
born circa 1637
Arie van Wijk
circa 1668-circa 1713
Cornelia Helmes
circa 1676-1720
Adriaan van Wijk 1
born 1701 2
baptized 25 December 1701, Stellenbosch 3
died before 1771 4
There is a contradiciton in the surviving documentary
records. There is a baptism for Adrianus, son of Arij van Wijk and
Cornelia Helmes in the Stellebosch baptismal register, dated
25 December 1701, and also a reference in the will that Cornelia
Helmes drew up in 1720 with her last husband, which lists her
children thus: Rolof, Aletta, Willem, Sara, Adriaan, Maria, Catarina
and Hester VanWijk. This agrees with with the baptismal evidence.

Unfortunately the only reference to him which gives his age is one
in the will of his father and mother dated 1713, which reads thus:
Roelof aged 18, Aletta 17, Willem 16, Sara 15, Maria 9, Adrianus 8,
Catrina 3, and Hester 6 months, which conflicts with the two other
references, one earlier and one later than this latter one. In this
list of 1713, some of the childrens ages are spot on with their dates
of baptism, but Sara and Adriaans would appear to be wrong. I
have taken the baptism and the later reference as indicating that
there was only one child Adriaan and that he was born c. 1701.

Details of his family from the Deceased Estate Accounts of Willem
van Wijk d'oude, 1771-72 and those of Sara Fourie also dated 1771-72.


Sara Fourie
died circa 1771
of De Duijvenhoks Rivier 5

1740 -




Johannes Willem






b. c1748

b. c1752

1733 -

children of Adriaan van Wijk and Sara Fourie

Gerrit van Wijk 1740-before 1758
born 1740 6
baptized 19 February 1740, Drakenstein 7
died before 1758 8

Notes: He is not mentioned in the Estate Accounts
of Willem van Wijk d'oude, dated 1772, presumably
having died before that date without leaving heirs.

Adriaan van Wijk 9

Susanna van Wijk

Cornelis van Tonderen 10

Louis van Wijk

Johannes Willem van Wijk

Roelof van Wijk born 1731
born 1731 11
baptized 2 December 1731, Drakenstein 12

Jacobus van Wijk born 1735
born 1735 13
baptized 16 October 1735, Drakenstein 14

Pieter van Wijk born 1738
born 1738 15
baptized 27 April 1738, Drakenstein 16

Johannes van Wijk born 1742
born 1742 17
baptized 1742, Drakenstein 18

Daniel van Wijk born 1745
born 1745 19
baptized 5 September 1745, Cape Town 20

David van Wijk born circa 1748
born circa 1748 21

Cornelia van Wijk born circa 1752
born circa 1752 22

Cornelia van Wijk 1733-before 1758
born 1733 23
baptized 2 October 1733, Drakenstein 24
died before 1758 25

Notes: She presumably died before 1752
when another daughter was named Cornelia.

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