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Francois Bastiaansz
died circa 1708
Anna Maria Pieterse de Leeuw
Hendrik Gozelke
died circa 1708
Christina Bastiaansz
born 1687
Anna Sophia Horsel 1
born at the Cape 2
died circa February 1758 3
Dr Hoge, in Personalia of the Germans at the Cape, assigns to her
the baptism in Drakenstein, 5 August 1706, but there is, in fact, no
child's name attached to this entry:
5e Augustij, d'Vader Andries Orselke, en de'Moeder Christina
Bastiaanz; getuygen Francois Bastiaans, en Anne Marie

When, on 18 February 1758, the inventory was drawn up of the
goods left by the deceased Anna Sophia Horsel, the couple was
living in a rented house, place not stated, and their belongings
were few but sufficient, including three slaves, the total valuation
coming to 330 rixdalers after deduction of debts. Jan Robbertsz,
presumably unable to write his name, signed the valuation by
adding his mark to the document.

married 4 June 1730 at Cape Town 4

Jan Robbertz

Anna Catharina

Anna Maria

Johanna Magdalena

Anna Catharina
1737 -



Jan Hendrik

1745 -

1745 -

children of Anna Sophia Horsel and Jan Robbertz

Anna Catharina Robbertz born 1731
born 1731 5
baptized 1 April 1731, Drakenstein 6

Notes: She presumably died before 1737
when another sister was given the same name.

Anna Maria Robbertz born 1732
born 1732 7
baptized 7 September 1732, Drakenstein 8

Notes: Perhaps she had died before 1737
when another sister was also named Anna.

Johanna Magdalena Robbertz born 1735
born 1735 9
baptized 8 May 1735, Drakenstein 10

Anna Catharina Robbertz 11 1737-1792
born 1737 12
baptized 28 July 1737, Cape Town 13
died 27 June 1792, Cape Town 14

Daniel Rooden 15

Catharina Robbertz born 1739
born 1739 16
baptized 17 June 1739, Cape Town 17

Hendrina Robbertz born 1741
born 1741 18
baptized 9 July 1741, Cape Town 19

Jan Hendrik Robbertz born 1742
born 1742 20
baptized 29 July 1742, Cape Town 21

Notes: two fo this children died in 1772, possibly in May of that year.

Waveren, het boek der gestorvene page 8 Anno 1772
Een kint van Jan Hener. Robbers
nog een kint van dito Robbers

Franciscus Robbertz 1745-before 1758
born 1745
baptized 6 June 1745, Cape Town 22
died before 1758 23

Pieter Robbertz 1745-before 1758
born 1745
died before 1758 24

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