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Catharina van Bengalen
Adriaantje Gabrielsz 1
She was identified as the voordogter of Catharina, the wife
of Cornelis Claasz (Kees de Boer) by Mansell Upham in his
excellent article, The Soetkoek Syndrome, based on the
evidence of her marriage entry in the Cape Town register.
(Mansell Upham, The soetkoek syndrome, in Capensis 2/2001,
pages 27-30

I have assumed that the child with Hendrick Speldenbergh was
hers, since Elsie appears later in time in connection with this
family (see below). Rather circular reasoning, but there it is!

She also appears as a baptismal witness for her granddaughter
Ariaantie, child of her daughter Elsie Speldenbergh, in 1702. The
other witness is Robbert Jansen, husband of her half sister
Catharina Cornelisse.

In addition, her daughter, Elsie Speldenbergh, appears as a
baptismal witness at a number of the baptisms of her cousins,
children of Adriaantje Gabriels' half sisters, the children of
Kees de Boer and Catharina his wife.

In 1719 an enquiry found her poor and unable to pay her debt of
540 gulden, incurred by her husband Pieter Gerritsz.
(source: TANAP: Cape Resolutions, C51, pages 53-56)


married (1)

Hendrick Speldenbergh


married (2) 4 July 1683 at Cape Town 3

Pieter Gerritsz Boshouwer






married (3) 13 February 1701 at Stellenbosch 11

Coert Helm



children of Adriaantje Gabrielsz and Hendrick Speldenbergh

Elsie Speldenbergh born 1679
baptized 26 November 1679, Cape Town
 married circa 1695

Casper Gerritsz 2 died before 1719

children of Adriaantje Gabrielsz and Pieter Gerritsz Boshouwer

Gerbrigh Gerritsz born 1684
born 1684 4
baptized 15 October 1684, Cape Town 5

Notes: VC 665, Tulbagh, deaths, page 8, 1772, Maij
is overleden Gerbregt Boshouwer wedu. Johs Locher...

Gerrit Gerritsz born 1686
born 1686 6
baptized 29 November 1686, Cape Town 7

Teunis Gerritsz born 1689
baptized 1689, Stellenbosch 8

Johannis Gerritsz born 1691
baptized 17 November 1691, Stellenbosch 9

Cornelis Gerritsz born 1694
baptized 25 January 1694, Stellenbosch 10

children of Adriaantje Gabrielsz and Coert Helm

Hendrik Helm born 1702
born 1702 12
baptized 24 September 1702, Stellenbosch 13

Gerrit Helm born 1705
born 1705 14
baptized 10 April 1705, Stellenbosch 15

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