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Catharina van Bengalen 1
In the muster rolls her name is most usually given as
Catharina van Bengale, but also as van Cormandel. In
the marriage register van Malabar and van Cust
Coromandel are used.

married (1)



married (2) 15 March 1676 at Cape Town 3

Cornelis Claasz
died before 1688







1684 -

married (3) 31 July 1688 at Cape Town 14

Andries Voormeester
of Moddergat, Stellenbosch 15
born Guedelborg 16
In Personalia of the Germans at the Cape, Dr Hoge states
that he had arrived at the Cape as a soldier and become
a burger in 1686. He also states that Voormeester and his
wife were sentenced in 1699 to four months' hard labour
for selling stolen goods. (CJ 725:243). (source: J.A.Hoge,
Personalia of the Germans at the Cape, 1946, page 441)

On the 18th August 1713 he swore a declaration that in
the previous year Isaac Pietersz who was working for
Voormeester, described as an aged man, demanded that
he be given wine to drink and, upon being refused, grabbed
the old man and flung him into the fire. Had not a daughter
of Robbert Jansz van Hoorn come to his aid he might have
been badly burnt. (1STB 18/156, page 29)

children of Catharina van Bengalen and unknown

Adriaantje Gabrielsz
 married (1)

Hendrick Speldenbergh
 married (2) 4 July 1683 Cape Town

Pieter Gerritsz Boshouwer 2
 married (3) 13 February 1701 Stellenbosch

Coert Helm

children of Catharina van Bengalen and Cornelis Claasz

Claas Cornelisz born 1673
born 1673 4
baptized February 1673, Cape Town 5

Cornelia Cornelisse born 1674
born 1674, at the Cape
baptized 18 November 1674, Cape Town
 married (1)

Abraham Bastiaansz Pyl died circa 1703
 married (2)

 married (3) 17 April 1707 or earlier

Richardus Adolphus
of Moddergat, Stellenbosch

Aaltie Cornelisz born 1676
born 1676 6
baptized 15 March 1676, Cape Town 7

Notes: She seemd to have been having ongoing
sexual relations with Jacobus van den Berg, a married
shoemaker (she is described as his 'bysit') who was killed
in a fight in 1714, and she swore a declaration along with
Robbert Jansz van Hoorn on 12th December 1712 testifying
to some events in 1710. (1STB 18/155, p. 272 and
1STB 18/156, p. 50, 12 July 1714 )

Maria Cornelisz born 1678
born 1678 8
baptized 27 October 1678, Cape Town 9

Notes: 1 STB 18/156 documents about Isak Pieters
18 August 1713, page 22.

Barent Cornelisz born 1679
born 1679 10
baptized 29 September 1679, Cape Town 11

Notes: He is mentioned in a document of 24 February 1699
(1/STB 18/153, page 54) as being present in a house
with others (including Robbert Jansz van Hoorn and
Jan Margra).

Hendrick Cornelisz born 1681
born 1681 12
baptized 26 December 1681, Cape Town 13

Catharina Cornelisz 1684-1718
born 1684
baptized 5 November 1684, Cape Town
died between 1718 and 1719

Robbert Jansz van Hoorn died after 1725
of Stellenbosch

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