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Pieter Jansz van der Westhuisen 1
born Brugge 2
died circa 1722 3
This family constructed from the agreement made on the occasion
of his second marriage on the inheritances of his children and his
deceased estate accounts of 1725.

He appears first in the muster rolls of free persons at the Cape in the
year 1662 working as a hand (knecht) for Tieleman Hendricks and continues
as such until at least 1667 (no rolls exist for the years 1668 and 1669). In 1670
he is in company with Hendrik Coster of Minden and in 1671 he is listed as a
daily worker among the freeburgers. In 1672 and 1673 he is still listed beside
Hendrik Coster (also labelled a free worker) until in 1674 he appears as a
married man, with three children in the household, presumably those of his
wife who was the widow of one Hendrik Barentsz.

On the 23rd March 1677 the Council of Policy granted, for 12 years, to Willem
Schalck and Pieter van de Westhuisen, land at Hout Bay which they were
required to farm efficiently, and to contribute one tenth of its prouce to the
Company each year.
(Resolutions of the Council of Policy, C10, pp. 89-94. Dingsdagh 23 Maart 1677)

married (1) 18 November 1673 at Cape Town 4

Maria Hendrickz Winkelhuisen
died before 1706

1675 -

1677 -


1681 -

1686 -

1683 -

1690 -

married (2) 26 September 1706 at Cape Town 17

Eva Gerritsz Ligthart
died circa 1721

children of Pieter Jansz van der Westhuisen and Maria Hendrickz Winkelhuisen

Maria van der Westhuisen 1675-circa 1734
born 1675, at the Cape
baptized 6 October 1675, Cape Town
died circa 1734
 married (1) 1 April 1691 Cape Town

Cornelis Gerritsz van Nieuwkerken 5 died before 1706
of Tijgerberg
 married (2) 22 March 1711 Stellenbosch

Samuel Walters 6 died before 1706
of De Drooge Valleij

Johannes van der Westhuisen 1677-circa 1724
born 1677
baptized 9 May 1677, Cape Town
died circa September 1724
 married (1) 9 December 1714 Cape Town

Geesje Wigman died 1725
 married (2) 25 August 1720 Cape Town

Anna Maria Brons 7 died 1725

Claas van der Westhuisen 8 born 1679
born 1679 9
baptized 7 May 1679, Cape Town 10

Notes: He had damaged his left hand in an accident and
was therefore left more than his brothers in his father's will of 1706.He had damaged his left hand in an accident and
was therefore left more than his brothers in his father's will of 1706.

Resolutions of the Council of Policy of Cape of Good Hope
Reference code: C. 90, pp. 88-91.
Maandag den eersten September 1732, voormiddags.

Ook sijn de onder uijtgedrukte landerijen, alle in de Tijgerbergen geleegen sijnde, in conformiteijt van het geresolveerde van den 29e Julij jongstleeden teegens een halven Rijxdr. voor ijder morgen jaarelijx, voor den tijd van vijftien agtereenvolgende jaaren op het daarom gedane versoek in erfpagt uijtgegeven geworden, namentlijk aan ... Claas van der Westhuijsen [9] 5 morgen 108 roeden bij sijn plaets de Hooge Bergs Valleij ...

Barent van der Westhuisen 1681-before 1725
born 1681
baptized 16 March 1681, Cape Town
died before 1725

Hendrik van der Westhuisen 1686-1713
born 1686 11
baptized 3 June 1686, Cape Town 12
died 1713 13

Helena van der Westhuisen 1683-before 1706
born 1683
baptized 27 June 1683, Cape Town
died before 1706

Hendrik Zegers 14

Pieter van der Westhuijsen 1690-circa 1741
born 1690, at the Cape
baptized 8 October 1690, Cape Town
died circa 1741
 married (1) 25 November 1714 Cape Town

Jacomina Mos 15 died before 1706
 married (2) 5 October 1721 Cape Town

Beatrix Olivier 16 died before 1706

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