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Willem van Wijk
died 1702
Trijntje Harmensz:
Willem van Wijk Willemsz: 1
farmer 2
of De Klijne Fontijn, Klavervalije, beyond the Oliphantsrvier 3
born at the Cape 4
died circa January 1756 5
In addition to their main farm where they lived, two other loan farms,
d'Matkamme and d'Oorlogsfontijn, all in the same area, accoding to
the inventory drawn up after his death.

In the church register, the minister recorded that during the wedding
ceremony the bride held in her arms a child who had been baptised
that same day and named Katharina, in order to legitimise her, and
that, between the couple stood another child whose name was not
known to him.

For a discussion of his parentage and place in the family tree,
see my notes on his mother, Trijntje Harmens, and for a
general discussion of the early Van Wijks see my introduction.

There is a baptism in the early (and possibly defective) registers of
Drakenstein which might apply to him:

31 Julij 1703 Guillaume, d'Vader Willem van (sic), d'Moeder Trijn arme

but this date seems to be too late for him to be the son of Willem van
Wijk, unless the baptism came rather longer after the birth than seems
to have been usual at that time, or that in copying the baptism was
mistakenly put under 1703 rather than 1702 where it would make sense.

married (1) 2 January 1729 at Drakenstein 6

Johanna Catharina Campher
1707-circa 1746

1728 -

1730 -


Johanna Catharina
b. c1735

1737 -

1739 -



married (2) 30 August 1746 at Swartland 31

Hendrina Monk
of De Klijne Fontijn, beyond the Oliphantsrivier

b. c1747

1749 -

b. c1751

b. c1753

c1755 -

children of Willem van Wijk and Johanna Catharina Campher

Katharina van Wijk 1728-before 1746
born 1728
baptized 2 January 1729, Drakenstein 7
died before 1746 8

Notes: She was baptised at the same church service
at which her parents were married and was held on her
mother's arm in order to make her legitimate. This is a
custom recorded several times in the Drakenstein church

Willem van Wijk 1730-before 1739
born 1730 9
baptized 7 May 1730, Drakenstein 10
died before 1739, (assumed)

Notes: He is not mentiond in the inventory drawn
up after her mother's death in 1746. He presumably
died before 1739 when another child was baptised

Maria van Wijk born 1732
baptized 23 May 1732, Drakenstein
 married 8 April 1753 Drakenstein

Christoffel Smit 11

Johanna Catharina van Wijk born circa 1735
 married 3 May 1750 Drakenstein

Pieter Christiaan Wijdeman Andriesz: 12

Sibilla van Wijk 1737-before 1746
born 1737 13
baptized 13 January 1737, Stellenbosch 14
died before 1746, (assumed) 15

Willem van Wijk Willemsz 16 1739-circa 1800
born 1739 17
baptized 23 August 1739, Stellenbosch 18
died circa 1800 19
will dated 20 March 1776 20

Notes: From the inventory drawn up after his death, since
his heirs are named as his brothers and sisters or
their surviving children, it would seem that he left
no surviving children.

 married 27 September 1757 Swartland 22

Cornelia Koekemoer 21 1725-1776
born 1725
baptized 16 September 1725, Stellenbosch 23
died between 1776 and 1800, (apparently) 24
will dated 20 March 1776 25

Hendrick van Wijk born 1741
born 1741 26
baptized 8 October 1741, Drakenstein 27

Cornelis van Wijk 28 born 1743
born 1743 29
baptized 21 April 1743, Drakenstein 30

Notes: Tulbagh, VC 664, marriages, 29 Maart 1767, page 23,
Cornelis van Wijk van Cabo de Goede Hoop, burger aan Stellenbosch, jongman,
met Anna Jacoba van Aswegen van Cabo voornt. jonge dogter.

children of Willem van Wijk and Hendrina Monk

Catharina van Wijk born circa 1747
born circa 1747 32
baptized 28 January 1748, Cape Town 33

Hendrik Weesman 34

Andries van Wijk 1749-1774
sailor in employ of the Dutch East India Company 35
born 1749 36
baptized 9 November 1749, Cape Town 37
died 22 October 1774, Asia 38

Notes: Judging from the data provided from the
VOC ships' record books (scheepssoldijboeken) it looks
as though he enlisted as a sailor with the Dutch East
India Company.

Two journeys are recorded. One on the ship named
'Schagen', leaving 25 June 1771 and arriving Batavia
16 May 1772 and the second on the 'IJsselmonde',
leaving 10 June 1773 and arriving Batavia 4 Jan 1774.

His death in Asia on the 22nd October 1774 is recorded
in the log of the second voyage.
(source: Uitgevaren voor de Kamers web site)

Alida van Wijk born circa 1751
born circa 1751 39
baptized 9 January 1752, Cape Town 40

Casper Breeves 41

Jannetje van Wijk born circa 1753
born circa 1753 42
baptized 1754, Cape Town 43

Harmen Claassen 44

Gerrit van Wijk circa 1755-before 1767
born circa August 1755 45
baptized 7 March 1756, Drakenstein 46
died before 1767 47

Notes: He is not mentioned as one of the chidren of
Hendrina Monk in her Estate Accounts of 1768/9 so he
presumably died before his mother without leaving heirs.

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