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Willem van Wijk 1
of Sandwijk, in Drakensteijn 2
born Ingen 3
died 1702, (bet 23 January and 31st March) 4
He arrived at the Cape, as a soldier in the employ of the Dutch East India
Company, in 1671 aboard the ship croonde Vrede

He first appears at the Cape as a Company servant, working in the
Company's Garden in 1672 and on the 6 April 1678 he left the Company's
Service and became a Freeburger, working in partnership with Gerrit Teunisz
and later with Hans Erntrout. (see my timeline for Willem van Wijk).

Two children by his first wife are recorded in the baptismal
registers of the Cape Town congregation; Arie and Jannetie.
The inventory taken after the death of his first wife, dated the
10th March 1695, notes that she left two minor children. These
are named in the Weeskamer record dated 2 September 1712
as Arij and Gerrit van Wijk, so presumably Jannetie had died
before 1695.

The children born of his second marriage are also listed in the
1712 Weeskamer note mentioned above, as Maria, Anna and
Willem van Wijk.

For his wives and children see my notes on Trijntje Harmensz,
his second wife, and for a general discussion of the early
Van Wijks see my notes.

Willem van Wijck van Ingen soldaat daer voor ende
Camer Hoorn ao. 1671 pr de Gecroonde Vrede aangelant
en ao. 1678 den 6 April vrij geworden

married (1) 5 August 1685 at Cape Town 5

Trijntjen Hillebrants
died circa 1695

1686 -


d. c1737

married (2) circa 1694 at Drakenstein

( they first appear as a couple in the opgaaf returns of 1695,
apparently already with a child. The marriage is assumed
to have taken place at Drakenstein. )

Trijntje Harmensz:

c1696 -


d. c1756

children of Willem van Wijk and Trijntjen Hillebrants

Arij van Wijk Willemse 1686-circa 1731
born 1686, at the Cape
baptized 13 April 1686, Cape Town
died circa 1731, (date of inventory)
 married 27 December 1711 Stellenbosch

Antonetta Campher 6 died after 1740

Jannetie van Wijk born 1688
baptized 13 June 1688, Cape Town 7

Notes: She presumably died before 1695, the date
of the inventory taken after her mother's death, since
only two children are noted and, in a later Weeskamer
document, these are named as Arij and Gerrit.

Gerrit van Wijk Willemsz: died circa 1737
died circa 1737
 married (1) 26 April 1722 Cape Town

Elisabeth Vivier 8 1698-before 1730
of De Vaderlandse Rietklooff, Piquetberg
 married (2) 25 March 1731 Cape Town

Maria Provo

children of Willem van Wijk and Trijntje Harmensz:

Maria van Wijk 9 circa 1696-1773
born circa 1696, at the Cape 10
died 25 February 1773, Drakenstein 11
will dated 15 December 1755 12
and filed 8 February 1773 13

Notes: She appears not to have had any
children. In her will dated 15th December 1755
she stated that she had no relations or friends still
living to whom she legally owed anything and that
she declared as here only and univeral heir, the
burger Isak Nieuwout.

 married 23 December 1714 Cape Town 15

Cornelis Pietersz Stapper 14 circa 1689-circa 1744
of Drakenstein 16
born circa 1689, Opperdoes 17
died circa 1744, (assumed from filing date of will) 18
will dated 18 September 1724 19

Anna van Wijk died 1732
died between 1732 and 1737, (assumed)
 married (1)

Gerrit Willemsz
 married (2) 6 February 1724 Cape Town

Isaac Nieuwoudt 20

Willem van Wijk Willemsz: died circa 1756
born at the Cape
died circa January 1756
 married (1) 2 January 1729 Drakenstein

Johanna Catharina Campher 21 1707-circa 1746
 married (2) 30 August 1746 Swartland

Hendrina Monk 22 1729-1767
of De Klijne Fontijn, beyond the Oliphantsrivier

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