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Cornelis Cornelisz Mostert
Sara Janse Sarra
died circa 1681
Jan Cornelisz Mostert
died 1718
Elisabeth Nieumeyer
died circa 1720
Hester Mostert 1
born 1690, at the Cape 2
baptized 8 October 1690, Cape Town 3
Her husband left for Holland in March 1718 and she is
listed in the muster rolls of that year as living on her own
in the Cape District: Hester Mostert wife of Benjamin

In December 1721 she requested of the Council of Policy
that she be allowed, with her two children, to join her
husband, Benjamin Wiese, in the Netherlands, travelling
on one of the ships of the return fleet and to be granted
free passage.

Her request was granted but only if she paid the usual
amount for her passage, although the children could
travel free. (Resolutions of the Council of Policy of
Cape of Good Hope, Dingsdagh den 9e December 172,
C. 58, pp. 2-6. TANAP

When the inventory of her deceased mother's property
was drawn up on the 26th October 1720 she was listed
as one of the heirs but by the time the estate accounts
were finalised on 22 March 1723, it is her children who
are listed. Yet, in 1728 she apparently baptised a child
in Amsterdam.

married (1) 20 March 1712 at Cape Town 4

Isak Kaf
born Amsterdam 5
died circa 1713 6

married (2) 14 February 1714 at Cape Town 7

Benjamin Wiese
born 1689
assistant in service of the Dutch East India Company 8

Johannes Benjamin

Hendrik Diederik

1718 -


children of Hester Mostert and Benjamin Wiese

Johannes Benjamin Wiese born 1715
born 1715 9
baptized 9 June 1715, Cape Town 10

Hendrik Diederik Wiese 11 born 1716
born 1716 12
baptized 8 November 1716, Cape Town 13

Pieter Wiese 1718-circa 1780
born 1718, at the Cape
baptized 6 March 1718, Cape Town
died circa January 1780
 married 23 October 1740 Stellenbosch

Margaretha Swart 14 1724-1791
of Sonquasdoordrift, district Drakenstein

Elisabeth Wiese born 1728
born 1728 15
baptized 10 September 1728, Amsterdam, Lutherse Kerken 16

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