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List of people in the Mostert family tree

158 individuals, 41 families, 34 surnames

Basson, Sophia  
Bresler, Casper  
Brits, Hans Jacob  
de Buijs, Sara (died circa 1776) 
de Clercq, Cornelis  
Cloete, Sophia  
Gildenhuisen, Cornelia Margaretha  
Gildenhuisen, Hendrik  
Gildenhuisen, Johanna Dorothea  
Gildenhuisen, Petrus Arnoldus  
Gildenhuisen, Sara Johanna  
Gildenhuisen, Susanna Hermina  
den Heever, Christiaan Maurits van  
Holsmit, Jan  
van Hulst, Alida (died 1683) 
Kaf, Isak (died circa 1713) 
Laubscher, Maria Elizabth (born circa 1786) 
Laubscher, Rudolph Jacobus  
Laubscher, Rudolph Jacobus (born circa 1792) 
Laubscher, Sibilla (circa 1759-1845) 
Laubscher, Sophia Johanna (born circa 1790) 
Laubser, Nicolaas  
Laurentz, Jan  
Laurentz, Pieter  
Linde, Anna Jansen van der  
Mostert, Aletta Geertruij (born 1723) 
Mostert, Aletta Maria (born 1760) 
Mostert, Alida (born 1712) 
Mostert, Alletta Elizabeth (born 1725) 
Mostert, Anna Gijsbertha (born 1758) 
Mostert, Antony Corneliss  of Utrecht 
Mostert, Beatrix Hendrina (born 1748) 
Mostert, Cornelia (circa 1660-1662) 
Mostert, Cornelis (1673-circa 1699) 
Mostert, Cornelis (1699-before 1717) 
Mostert, Cornelis (born 1717) 
Mostert, Cornelis Cornelisz  of Utrecht 
Mostert, Cornelis Cornelisz  of Utrecht 
Mostert, Eduard (born 1721) 
Mostert, Elisabeth (born 1729) 
Mostert, Elisabeth Johanna (born 1725) 
Mostert, Ernestus (born 1735) 
Mostert, Ernst (1688-before 1689) 
Mostert, Ernst (1689-before 1756) 
Mostert, Geertruij (born 1743) 
Mostert, Grisella (born 1661) 
Mostert, Hendrik (born 1767) 
Mostert, Hester (born 1690) 
Mostert, Hester (born 1738) 
Mostert, Hilletje (born 1746) 
Mostert, Jacob (1676-circa 1723), farmer, of on the Zoute Revier, behind the blauweberg 
Mostert, Jan (1693-circa 1729) 
Mostert, Jan (1719-circa 1791) of Twee Kuijlen, Swartland 
Mostert, Jan Cornelisz (died 1718) 
Mostert, Jannetje (born 1675) 
Mostert, Johannes (born 1715) 
Mostert, Johannes (born circa 1723) 
Mostert, Johannes (born 1750) 
Mostert, Johannes Jacob (born 1727) 
Mostert, Johannn (born 1733) 
Mostert, Louis (born circa 1721) 
Mostert, Maria (1679-1713) 
Mostert, Maria Magdalena (born 1719) 
Mostert, Ocker (born 1731) 
Mostert, Pieter (born 1753) 
Mostert, Tobias (born 1696) 
Mostert, Tobias (born 1740) 
Mostert, Wouter Cornelisz (circa 1633-1677) 
Mostert, Wouterina (born 1682) 
Nieumeyer, Elisabeth (died circa 1720) 
van Nieuwenbroek, Adam Leendertse (died circa 1718) 
van Nieuwenbroek, Elisabeth  
van Nieuwenbroek, Johanna  
van Nieuwenbroek, Leendert  
van Nieuwenbroek, Maria  
van Nieuwenbroek, Petronella  
Olivier, Hilletje (circa 1687-1765) of Welgemoed, in the Tijgerberg, 1736, Stellenburg, Cape Town 
de Peronne, Maria Magdalena (born after 1695) 
Sarra, Sara Janse (died circa 1681) 
Schaijk\, Arien Cornelisz \van  
van Schalkwijk, Dirk  
Schayk\, Magdalena \van  
Smit, Anna (born circa 1777) 
Smit, Cornelia Johanna (born circa 1772) 
Smit, Erasmus  
Smit, Erasmus Jacobus (born circa 1766) 
Smit, Margaretha Aletta (born circa 1768) 
Smit, Martha (born circa 1775) 
Smit, Pieter Erasmus (born circa 1770) 
Swart, Cornelia (born 1733) 
Swart, Daniel Andries  
Swart, Jacobus Johannes (born 1736) 
Swart, Jan (born 1722) 
Swart, Margaretha (1724-1791) of Sonquasdoordrift, district Drakenstein 
Swart, Maria Elizabeth (1731-before 1777) 
Swart, Pieter (died before 1776), farmer 
Swart, Pieter  
Swart, Sara Johanna (1728-before 1777) 
Swart, Susanna Hermina  
Uys, Dirk Cornelis  
Vlasvat, Tobias , Vendumeester at Batavia 
Weijers, Hester (born circa 1633) 
van der Westhuizen, Anna (1726-circa 1801) of Twee Kuijlen, Swartland 
Wiese, Aletta Isabella (circa 1817-1863) 
Wiese, Aletta Johanna  
Wiese, Aletta Margaretha (1749-circa 1782) 
Wiese, Anna Maria (born 1688) 
Wiese, Benjamin  of Amsterdam 
Wiese, Benjamin (born 1689), assistant in service of the Dutch East India Company 
Wiese, Daniel (1763-1782) 
Wiese, Daniel (born 1780) 
Wiese, Elisabeth (born 1728) 
Wiese, Elisabeth Cornelia (1766-1792) 
Wiese, Geertruijda Elisabeth (1746-before 1782) 
Wiese, Hendrik Diederik (born 1716) 
Wiese, Izabella Helena  
Wiese, Johan Willem  
Wiese, Johanna Christina (born 1801) 
Wiese, Johannes Benjamin  
Wiese, Johannes Benjamin (born 1715) 
Wiese, Johannes Jacobus (born 1759) 
Wiese, Margaretha (1779-before 1845) 
Wiese, Margaretha Aletta (born 1755) 
Wiese, Margaretha Magdalena  
Wiese, Maria Susanna (born 1763) 
Wiese, Martha Elizabeth  
Wiese, Nikolaas (born 1782) 
Wiese, Pieter (1718-circa 1780), in 1740 he was a sailor in the service of the VOC 
Wiese, Pieter Benjamin  
Wiese, Pieter Benjamin (1751-circa 1804) 
Wiese, Pieter Benjamin (1776-before 1845) 
Wiese, Sara (born 1743) 
Wiese, Sophia (born 1777) 
Wiese, Sophia Helena  
Wiese, Tobias (died before 1845) 
Wiese, Tobias (1768-1838), farmer 
Wiese, Tobias Johannes  
van Zijl, Adriaan  
Zulch, Martha Elizabeth (died after 1863) 

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