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Cornelis Cornelisz Mostert
Sara Janse Sarra
died circa 1681
Jan Cornelisz Mostert
died 1718
Elisabeth Nieumeyer
died circa 1720
Jan Mostert 1
born 1693 2
baptized 23 March 1693, Cape Town 3
died circa February 1729 4
will dated 4 December 1719 5
and filed with the March 1729 6
On 31st January 1728 the provision of fresh meat to the Company, to supply
their passing ships, hospital, etc., for the year starting from 1st May, was put
up for public auction and Jan Mostert successfully bid for a quarter share of
the contract, sharing it with Jacob van Bochem, Jan Meijndertsz Kruijwagen
and Cornelis Vermij.
(Resolusies van die Politieke Raad, Deel VII, 1724 - 1728, page 386)

for a note on his parentage see below#

married 12 February 1719 at Cape Town 7

Hilletje Olivier
circa 1687-1765
of Welgemoed, in the Tijgerberg,
1736, Stellenburg, Cape Town 8


Aletta Geertruij

Elisabeth Johanna

1719 -

children of Jan Mostert and Hilletje Olivier

Eduard Mostert 9 born 1721
born 1721 10
baptized 14 September 1721, Cape Town 11

Aletta Geertruij Mostert 12 born 1723
born 1723 13
baptized 18 July 1723, Cape Town 14

Elisabeth Johanna Mostert 15 born 1725
born 1725 16
baptized 9 September 1725, Cape Town 17

Jan Mostert 1719-circa 1791
born 1719
baptized 24 December 1719, Cape Town
died circa February 1791
 married 29 January 1747 Swartland

Anna van der Westhuizen 18 1726-circa 1801
of Twee Kuijlen, Swartland

# The parents of Jan Mostert

Johannes, the son of Jan Mostert and Elisabeth Neumayer, appears to be the
only candidate for the husband of Hilletje Olivier. We know, from Neumayer's
estate accounts of 1723 that her son Johannes was still living at that date.
The witnesses at the baptisms of his first child of Jan Mostert and Hilletje
Olivier were Tobias Mostert and Elizabeth Nieumeijer, and he and Hilletje were
witnesses at the baptism of the first child of Tobias Mostert in 1725.

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