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Cornelis Cornelisz Mostert
Sara Janse Sarra
died circa 1681
Jan Cornelisz Mostert 1
born Utrecht 2
died 1718, probably 3
will dated 14 December 1717 4
So far as I can see his marriage in 1672 is the first record of his
presence at the Cape. There are a number of men named Jan
Cornelisz listed in both the muster rolls of free settlers and of
Company servants, but none with the birth place of Utrecht
(but the Company's rolls of this date generally do not record
birth place.

The Vrijboek of 1681 (Nationaal Archief, Den Haag, VOC: Over-
gekomen brieven en papieren uit Kaap de Goede Hoop en
Mauritius aan de Heren XVII en de kamer Amsterdam,
Inventory: 4017 (1681-1682) - supplied by Corney Keller), has
the following entry, however, which might refer to him:
Jan Cornelissen van Utrecht soldaat daar voor
anno 1661 met 't Wapen van Hollandt voor de Camer
Amsterdam aangelant

for a note on his parentage see below#

married (1) 20 March 1672 at Cape Town 5

Alida van Hulst
died 1683

1673 -


1676 -

1679 -


married (2) 25 May 1687 at Cape Town 14

Elisabeth Nieumeyer
died circa 1720

1688 -

1689 -


1693 -


1699 -

children of Jan Cornelisz Mostert and Alida van Hulst

Cornelis Mostert 1673-circa 1699
born 1673 6
baptized 12 March 1673, Cape Town 7
died circa 1699, (assumed) 8

Jannetje Mostert born 1675
born 1675 9
baptized 10 March 1675, Cape Town 10

Notes: She had presumably died before
1717 since she was not mentioned in her father's
will of that date.

't Caabse District
p. 151 Adam Lambertsz & Johanna Mostert

Page 87

eodem Dito (Den 1[7]: dito (julii:))
sijn aen Stellenbosch, in den huijwelijken staet
vereenigt Hendrik Venter van Hamelin jonghman,
ende vrijborger aldaer met Joanna Mostert
jonge doghter

Jacob Mostert 1676-circa 1723
born 1676
baptized 22 November 1676, Cape Town
died circa 1723, (assumed from date of inventory)
 married 25 December 1712 Stellenbosch

Maria Magdalena de Peronne 11 born after 1695

Maria Mostert 1679-1713
born 1679
baptized 19 February 1679, Cape Town
died 1713

Adam Leendertse van Nieuwenbroek 12 died circa 1718

Wouterina Mostert born 1682
born 1682, at the Cape
baptized 6 September 1682, Cape Town
 married 1 May 1701 Cape Town

Jan Laurentz 13

children of Jan Cornelisz Mostert and Elisabeth Nieumeyer

Ernst Mostert 1688-before 1689
born 1688 15
baptized 9 May 1688, Stellenbosch 16
died before 1689, (assumed: baptism of another Ernst)

Notes: He presumably died before
his brother, also named Ernst, was baptised
on 7th August 1789.

Ernst Mostert 17 1689-before 1756
born 1689 18
baptized 7 August 1689, Stellenbosch 19
died before 1756 20

Sophia Cloete 21

Hester Mostert born 1690
born 1690, at the Cape
baptized 8 October 1690, Cape Town
 married (1) 20 March 1712 Cape Town

Isak Kaf died circa 1713
 married (2) 14 February 1714 Cape Town

Benjamin Wiese 22 born 1689
assistant in service of the Dutch East India Company

Jan Mostert 1693-circa 1729
born 1693
baptized 23 March 1693, Cape Town
died circa February 1729
 married 12 February 1719 Cape Town

Hilletje Olivier 23 circa 1687-1765
of Welgemoed, in the Tijgerberg,
1736, Stellenburg, Cape Town

Tobias Mostert born 1696
baptized 12 February 1696, Cape Town

Geertruijd Olivier 24 born 1698

Cornelis Mostert 1699-before 1717
born 1699 25
baptized May 1699, Cape Town 26
died before 1717 27

# The parents of Jan Cornelisz Mostert

It has long seemed to me probable that he and
Wouter Cornelisz Mostert were brothers.
Corney Keller has now provided me with the evidence which exists
in a Notarial document in the Utrecht Archives, whereby Marritgen
Jans, widow of Corneils Cornelisz Mostert, seeks authority for her
son Jan Cornelisz Mostert, resident at the Cape, to recover any
monies due to her from the estate of her son Wouter Cornelisz
Mostert, who has died at the Cape.
(Het Utrechts Archief, 34-4.U070a006 J. DUERKANT,
Aktenummer: 394, Datum: 07-10-1678)

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