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Cornelis Cornelisz Mostert
Sara Janse Sarra
died circa 1681
Jan Cornelisz Mostert
died 1718
Alida van Hulst
died 1683
Wouterina Mostert 1
born 1682, at the Cape 2
baptized 6 September 1682, Cape Town 3
She left one son, Pieter Laurentsz,
according to the Estate Accounts drawn up
in 1720, after the death of Elisabeth Nieumayr.

married 1 May 1701 at Cape Town 4

Jan Laurentz


children of Wouterina Mostert and Jan Laurentz

Pieter Laurentz 5

Notes: Resolutions of the Council of Policy of Cape of Good Hope
C. 82, pp. 92-101, Thursday 7 April 1729, morning
'... den provisioneel landdrost, Pieter Lourensz'. A note attached
to his name states that in 1712 he went with his parents when they
returned to Europe and received his education at Bremen. In 1720
he returned to the Cape as a corporal in the employ of the VOC. In
1721 he became an assistant, in 1725 an aisstant to the Fiscal, in
1726 secretary to the Landdrost of Stellenbosch and in 1729 he
became Landdrost. A letter of Lourens, dated 5.4.1729, can be found
in C.442, Letters Received, 1729-1730, pp.189-192.

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