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Jan Cornelisz Mostert
died 1718
Elisabeth Nieumeyer
died circa 1720
Jan Mostert
1693-circa 1729
Hilletje Olivier
circa 1687-1765
Jan Mostert 1
of Twee Kuijlen, Swartland 2
born 1719 3
baptized 24 December 1719, Cape Town 4
died circa February 1791 5
will dated 17 December 1787 6
and filed 16 March 1791
In their will dated 1787 the left their farm, the loan place named
Twee Kuijlen, to their youngest son Hendrik at a valuation of
9000 gulden to be paid into their estate, on condition that he
continue living with them at the end of their lives and to give
them what help and assistance they needed.
for a note on his parentage see below#

married 29 January 1747 at Swartland 7

Anna van der Westhuizen
1726-circa 1801
of Twee Kuijlen, Swartland 8

Beatrix Hendrina



Hilletje Geertruida
1755 -

Anna Gijsbertha

Aletta Maria


children of Jan Mostert and Anna van der Westhuizen

Beatrix Hendrina Mostert born 1748
born 1748 9
baptized 31 March 1748, Swartland 10

Johannes Mostert born 1750
born 1750 11
baptized 27 September 1750, Swartland 12

Pieter Mostert born 1753
born 1753 13
baptized 27 May 1753, Swartland 14

Hilletje Geertruida Mostert 1755-after 1810
born 1755, Cape of Good Hope
baptized 29 June 1755, Swartland
died after January 1810, (still alive then)
 married 1 October 1775 Swartland

Jan Hendrik Rust 15 circa 1749-1794
koster of the Swartland Church
of Waterschilpadskuil, Swartland

Anna Gijsbertha Mostert born 1758
born 24 January 1758 16
baptized 29 January 1758, Swartland 17

Aletta Maria Mostert born 1760
born 14 September 1760 18
baptized 21 September 1760, Swartland 19

Hendrik Mostert born 1767
born 6 July 1767 20
baptized 19 July 1767, Swartland 21

# The parents of Jan Mostert

There were two Johannes Mosterts, this one and one born 1723
to Jacobus Mostert. Judging from the baptismal witnesses of his
children, this Johannes Mostert was the son of Jan Mostert and
Hilletje Oliver. His child Johannes's witnesses were Nicolaas
Loubser (his eldest brother) and Hilletje Olivier, and child Hilletje's
baptism was witnessed by Eduard Mostert and Aletta Geertruida
Mostert, his next brother and sister.

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