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Jan Coenraadsz Visser alias Jan Groff
died circa 1696
Geertjen Gerrits
died 1692
Okker Cornelisz: Olivier
died circa 1705
Maria Jansz Visser
circa 1649-circa 1718
Cornelis Ockers alias Willemsz 1
of Hase Craal, on the Berg River, Drakenstein 2
born 1673, at the Cape 3
baptized 27 August 1673, Cape Town 4
died circa 1713 5
On the 22nd December 1707 he received permission from the
Burgerraad at the Cape to remove from the Cape District in order
to move to the Drakenstein district. (1 STB 15/2)

The inventory of his deceased estate (MOOC 8/2, 119 dated 14
October 1714) lists their very few worldly possessions whose total
value of Rdrs 176:40 is entirely swallowed up by their long list of
modest debts which totalled Rdrs 179:70.

for a note on his parentage see below#

married 22 November 1699 at Cape Town 6

Anna Catharina Rigman Van Weij

d. c1738

Johannes Cornelisz:
1706 -

1708 -


children of Cornelis and Anna Catharina Rigman Ockers

Maria Ockers died circa 1738
died circa May 1738

Steven Fouche 1686-1777
of Knolvalleij and Welgevonden, both on the Breede Rivier

Johannes Cornelisz: Olivier 1706-1764
born 1706
baptized 13 June 1706, Drakenstein
died 21 September 1764, Waveren
 married 12 February 1730 Drakenstein

Cicilia Du Pres

Catharina Olivier 1708-before 1743
born 1708
baptized 30 December 1708, Stellenbosch
died before December 1743

Arnoldus Johannes Basson 7

Sara Olivier 8 born 1711
born 1711 9
baptized 15 July 1711, Stellenbosch 10
 married 19 June 1729 Drakenstein 11

Stephanus Bekker 1702-circa 1742

# The parents of Cornelis Ockers alias Willemsz

The record of his baptism does not name a father and is dated in
August 1673. We can reasonably assume that he was born shortly
before that date, meaning that he was conceived sometime around
September or October 1672, at which time his mother's husband,
Willem Willemsz, was penned up on Robben Island (see my notes).
During this time she is recorded as having stooped 'down lightly to
whoredom out of wedlock and with a certain free burger named
Ocker Cornelisz to procreate two children'.

Cornelis is named in the deceased estate accounts of his mother
as her son, Cornelis Willemsz, deceased, leaving four minor children.
We do not have a Cornelis Willemsz marrying and producing four
children at the Cape, but we do have a Cornelisz Ockers doing just

There is no help on this point to be found in the baptism details of
his children, but they did, later, assume the surname of Olivier.

I think there can be little doubt that he was one of the two children
referred to in the Resolutions of the Council of Policy in August and
September 1676 who had been fathered by Ocker Cornelisz, later
surnamed Olivier, during the period when Willem Willemsz was
imprisoned on Robben Island.

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