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Francois du Toit
died before 1731
Susanne Seugnet
died before 1745
Pierre Rousseau
circa 1666-circa 1719
Anna Retief
died circa 1710
Pieter du Toit
Elisabeth Russouw
Francois du Toit Pietersz: 1
farmer (1747) 2
of Hartebeest Rivier 3
born 1717, at the Cape 4
baptized 23 May 1717, Drakenstein 5
died circa 1794, (or perhaps later)
will dated 4 April 1786
and filed 6 September 1794
After the death of his first wife, Petronella van der Merwe, the
inventory of their goods was drawn up on 3 August 1747 by
Barent Burger, her nephew, and Jacobus van der Merwe, her

They were farming in a small way on a farm (not named in the)
inventory, but located on the Hartebeeste Rivier : 548 sheep,
47 cattle and 5 horses, two slaves named September and Eva,
and the minimum of household goods.

In their will of 1786, Frans du Toit and Anna Jordaan left the
farm called 'de hartebeeste rivier', situated at the Oliphants
Klip to their two sons Johannes Jacobus and Andries
Stephanus du Toit, on condition that they, the parents, shall
live with the sons on the farm and be cared for in their old

married (1) 13 December 1750 at Tulbagh 6

Anna Jordaan
died circa 1794

married (2) 22 January 1741 at Drakenstein 7

Petronella van der Merwe
died circa 1747

b. c1741

Schalk Willem
1743 -

Anna Susanna
b. c1745

children of Francois du Toit and Petronella van der Merwe

Pieter du Toit 8 born circa 1741
born circa 1741 9

Schalk Willem du Toit 1743-circa 1814
born 1743
baptized 5 October 1743, Drakenstein
died circa 1814
 married (1)

Maria Magdalena Botha 10 1736-circa 1775
 married (2)

Maria de Bruijn 11 died 1785
 married (3)

Machteld van Heerden died 1790
 married (4) 21 November 1790 Cape Town

Aletta Sibilla van der Merwe 12 died circa 1807
of Wagenbooms Rivier, Bokkeveld

Anna Susanna du Toit 13 born circa 1745
born circa 1745 14
baptized 27 January 1745, Drakenstein 15

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